"I have come to the conclusion that people from around the world all have the same needs: love, recognition, work, a roof over their heads, food, family, friends and peace."
Peter Martin

Who we are

The SEMIKRON Foundation was set up by shareholders of the SEMIKRON Group and went live on 4 December 2010. The daughters of long-term SEMIKRON shareholder and CEO Peter Martin, who passed away in 2008, are equal founders of the SEMIKRON Foundation. In establishing the foundation, these women, in their capacity as shareholders in a family-run medium-size industrial enterprise, wish to live up to their social responsibility, doing their part for SEMIKRON’s Corporate Social Responsibility at the same time.

The charity and social activities of SEMIKRON shareholders, which have been financed through the company’s profits for many years now, will now be pooled and fostered within the scope of the SEMIKRON Foundation. One of the main aims of the foundation is to continue to foster aid projects for children and people in need across the world which were initiated by Peter Martin himself and backed by the Mali Martin Care e.V. charity.

In the past ten years, Mali Martin Care e.V. has put more than one million euro into aid and support projects for underprivileged children and youths across the globe, especially in Brazil (Centro Social and Lar do Menor projects). The SEMIKRON Foundation also promotes research projects and innovation in the area of power electronics, awarding the annual SEMIKRON Innovation Award and the SEMIKRON Young Engineer Award for achievements in this field.